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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in January

From the American Indian Cancer Foundation

The American Indian Cancer Foundation (AICAF) is excited to celebrate Cervical Cancer Awareness Month this January. Throughout the month, culturally-tailored educational materials and success stories from partner clinics will be shared to help bring attention to cervical cancer disparities and the ways we can help improve cancer burdens across Indian Country.

Cervical cancer disproportionately affects Native communities. In some U.S. regions, our Native relatives have a much higher occurrence of cervical cancer than the non-Hispanic white population. Nationwide, Indigenous people are often diagnosed at later stages of the disease. Cervical cancer can be prevented and is highly curable when detected early. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, when detected at an early stage, the five-year survival rate for people with invasive cervical cancer is 92%. If cervical cancer has spread, the five-year survival rate is 58%. Preventative cancer screenings can help save lives.

Join us for Turquoise Thursday, a day dedicated to raising awareness of cervical cancer incidence among Indigenous people, and that encourages up-to-date screening. AICAF will celebrate Turquoise Thursday on January 20, 2022, but we invite all communities and clinics to host an event on a day that works best for their community!

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Cherish relatives impacted by a cervical cancer diagnosis. Listen to their stories, learn from their wisdom, and celebrate their sacred lives.

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Engage with AICAF the entire month of January as we provide culturally-tailored cervical cancer resources, toolkits, and other activities. Stay informed about cancer prevention and share our educational materials with loved ones in your community! Visit our website to learn more about Indigenous cervical cancer burdens and what AICAF is doing to reduce them.


Talk to your health care provider to discuss your screening options or schedule your next cervical cancer screening. Talk to your loved ones about the importance of prevention, early detection, and getting screened. Early detection improves the likelihood of favorable health outcomes. Find more information on when to get screened for cervical cancer on our website. As always, be sure to schedule an appointment to get screened.


Share what you have learned by using the hashtag #TurquoiseThursday so we can see how you are raising awareness! Tell your friends, family, relatives, communities, and coworkers about our campaign and ask them to wear turquoise to support cervical cancer survivors in Indian Country. Share posts from our social media toolkit to get your network involved!

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Turquoise Thursday is on Thursday, January 20. Check out our Facebook Event Page to see how you can get involved. Wear turquoise to raise cervical cancer awareness in our communities and honor the survivors in your life.

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A gift, to the American Indian Cancer Foundation helps us strengthen our programs, build larger campaigns, and provide more resources to families across Indian Country. Giving to AICAF also supports our Survivor Support Circle and developing and implementing other survivor resources. It’s generous donors like you that play a vital role in making this work happen!


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