We Can Weekend 2024


What is We Can Weekend 2024?

Held at YMCA Camp Miller in Sturgeon Lake, MN, accommodations are comfortable and include meals, snacks and lodging. Indoor and outdoor recreational activities are available.

Camp Miller is wheelchair accessible. Childcare provided for children under 5 years old. Staff include nurses, social workers, Child Life Specialist, musicians, survivors, and many others.

  • We Can Weekend is about ways to talk to the people in your family - so all of you feel less alone.
  • It’s about meeting other families who are dealing with the changes cancer can bring.
  • And it’s about discovering that you and your family have a lot to say about how cancer will affect your lives.

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At We Can Weekend 2024 You Can Learn About


Pre-registration is required - space is limited.
For information call (218) 786-3581.

How Much Does it Cost?

Thanks to generous donations and a LOT of fundraising work, we ask for a $50 registration deposit to hold your spot. The rest is free of charge - a $200 per person value.

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For more information about the We Can Weekend please contact the Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center:


Call: Chris Mitchell  
(218) 786-3581

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